and the intentional individuals


A photo book that explores the diverse range of minimalist practices and values. I conducted interviews with different types of "minimalists" and photographed some of their spaces to produce this narrative.

Minimalist A –

Minimalist B –

Minimalist C –

Minimalist D –

Minimalist E –

I had so much stuff, it was overwhelming.

My mom and step dad, they are both just really bad with money and very materialistic. And they work like crazy ... I feel like she just spends all her money getting all this stuff. And then, the house is just cluttered like crazy, and cleaning’s annoying. And then, I feel like she doesn’t invest time in my two little brothers ... She works nonstop just buying more crap, it seemed like, it didn’t make any sense.

People show what they have and it’s literally a whole room full of Ikea drawers. They’re all the same, and they’re just filled to the top with stuff; all this stuff gets wasted.

It’s really easy to get caught up in physical appearances and the way that you look towards other people. You can make your life really complicated ... I would make it more of a problem for myself.

I really wanted to simplify and not have to worry about so much stuff.